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MIDE-766 I Awoke Alone In A Love Hotel With My Hot Female Boss I Was Too Out Of It To Move As She Straddled Me And Until Morning Came Sucked My Newly Wedded Ass Into A Sticky Web Of Adultery. Minami Hatsukawa is a beautiful female manager of mine. She has a lover and I also have a wife. However, I don't understand why Minami always looks at me with affectionate eyes every time I go to her desk to report documents. Then one day my company held a party to celebrate, that night I was drunk by the female department head and my colleagues, not knowing what was going on. I woke up and immediately saw Minami's love-drunk eyes. While confused and not knowing what happened, Minami quickly approached me. The scent of Minami's body was so wonderful, it made me forget about my wife waiting at home and just like that.. .

MIDE-766 Female head of the sexual stimulation department
MIDE-766 Female head of the sexual stimulation department
 Movie Code: MIDE-766 
 Actor: Minami Hatsukawa 
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