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As a new teacher, Karen always tries to work hard, leading to lack of sleep and frequent dizziness. Yuki is the class president, he is a hard-working and kind student so Karen has a very good impression of him. Today, on the way home from school, Yuki suddenly saw a woman falling on the street. He quickly walked over and asked, and discovered it was Karen's teacher! Rushing to take Karen home, when she got home, the teacher was sleeping soundly like she was unconscious. Worried about Karen, he did not return but waited for her to wake up. Seeing her beautiful body while sleeping, Yuki Hunn quickly stood up. When she woke up and saw Yuki about her worries, Karen felt extremely emotional. She cooks food for Yuki and shares with him about her boyfriend. It turns out that Karen's boyfriend is always busy so the two haven't seen each other for a while. Karen immediately asked about Yuki's girlfriend, and he shared how hard it was for him to get a girlfriend because … Excessive sexual desire! It's been a week since she's had sex so Yuki feels extremely uncomfortable. The teacher hasn't seen her boyfriend for a long time so he knows for sure that she is also extremely hot. And then he dared to fuck her. And as a result, he was right.

Fucking the head teacher for a whole night of pleasure
Fucking the head teacher for a whole night of pleasure
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 Actor: Karen Yuzuriha 
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